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14 Days of Love

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FREE | ONLINE | OPEN TO ALL When you meet your future spouse at a monastery at the foot of the Himalaya (oh yes we did), relationship invites you from day one to see the power of intimacy on the spiritual path. Nearly two decades later, having studied Buddhism and Tibetan together, traveled throughout Asia side by side, made a home together in the high desert, and lived next door to each other throughout three-year cloistered meditation retreat (yep, did all that too), love's panoramic force is evident in all things, everywhere you look. The promise and the pitfalls are there with you, everyday, in the joys, of course (who could miss that) but also in the trials, frustrations, and the wistfulness. And so is the potential to channel all that raw energy into cultivating the love that lies on the other side of words ... This year, join us (individually and together) as we offer 14 DAYS OF LOVE beginning on Valentines' Day (just after Tibetan New Year) until the Day of Miracles on February 27. Experience for yourself in 14 daily guided meditations how Tibetan Buddhist practice teaches us how to embody love outwardly, inwardly, broadly, and deeply. Every session consists of gentle, tried and true meditative practices of tranquility and inquiry, suitable for all seekers of peace and understanding. Only prerequisite is an open heart. Our daily focus builds connection step by step, fostering resilience and courage as we progress from concrete beauty to deep mystery. ALIGN WITH THE ENVIRONMENT February 14. Body February 15. Speech February 16. Mind CONNECT WITH EMBODIED NATURE WITHIN February 17. Earth February 18. Water February 19. Fire February 20. Wind SOAR WITH BRIGHT ASPIRATIONS February 21. Equanimity February 22. Benevolence February 23. Caring February 24. Delight QUICKEN THE WARRIOR SPIRIT February 25. Tenderness February 26. Heroic Heart February 27. Openness Following our 14 days of love, two randomly selected attendees will receive a three-session spiritual counsel package (one with Yeshe, one with Zopa, comparable value $300 each). Everyone gets one entry per day attended, so come for the whole series to optimize the oomph all around. ________________ DANA OFFERING We are glad to offer our programs as a reciprocal practice of generosity. 100% of all dana supports our Dharma work and keeps our offerings accessible, despite the wealth inequities built into our society. May there be abundant benefit, always and in all ways!

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