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Private Teaching
Private Teaching

Private Teaching

Explore the Buddhadharma in the time honored "ear-whispered" approach of the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, inspiring spiritual practice to evolve beyond perceived limitations...

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By appointment

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Individual training is the traditional model of spiritual development in the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, often called the "ear-whispered lineage," to reflect the close transmission of Dharma from teacher to student in one-on-one connection.

Private sessions are appropriate at all stages of spiritual practice, to meet a wide range of interests and needs. They can be useful on a one-time basis, in targeted short term spans, or for open-ended guidance over the long term. For example:

  • *  In depth Dharma exploration addresses the philsophical underpinnings that interest us and nourish our practice. 
  • *  Targeted training in healing practices during crises and life developments support us in facing our tenderness and incorporating the lessons our heart offers up moment by moment.
  • *  Ongoing practice guidance challenges us to stretch our understanding and experience in ways difficult to accomplish on our own.

Yeshe and Zopa are each available several times per week for private sessions via Zoom online video conference.

Click here to book online with immediate confirmation.

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