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FREE First Private Teaching Session

A great way to connect, meet, and get a feel for our style

FREE First Private Teaching Session


A brief informal meeting, half an hour in length, to connect for the first time and for each of us to determine if private teachings with either Yeshe or Zopa is a good fit for you.

Scheduling an appointment does not guarantee acceptance into a private teaching relationship with Yeshe or Zopa. Many factors are involved, explored individually with each practitioner in one-on-one sessions.

Ongoing private teaching is a vibrant and special connection grounded in the mutual accountability, consistency, and respect that builds trust.

What might you find of value in a private session?
* help for starting and growing your meditation practice
* revival and refinement established daily practices
* companionship in navigating life experiences
* answers to questions on philosophy that you find hard to comprehend
* guided independent studies in support of your spiritual practice
* step by step assistance with specific practices such as shamatha, Tara, or Chenrezig
* insight into meditation experiences
* counsel for strengthening mind states such as forgiveness, resilience, and understanding
* exploration of spiritual approaches to emotional unrest
* instruction on applying practices in everyday life
* support in troubled times
* spiritual friendship in harmony with the "ear-whispered" tradition of the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism


Enter coupon code FIRST at checkout for 100% discount.

Available one time per person. Rescheduling once is permissible.

Please select either Yeshe or Zopa during checkout if you have a preference.

Booking for ongoing private sessions with Yeshe or Zopa is available separately.

comparable value 

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Only one session may be booked at a time. Please return to this page to schedule additional sessions.

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