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Individual Meditation Instruction

Open to everyone, Buddhist or not.

Individual Meditation Instruction

Yeshe and Zopa offered guided meditation practice to help you begin, ground, deepen, or enliven your practice of shamatha (tranquility), vipashyana (insight), boundless love (and beyond), and more.

Dana is an offering of generosity by the community to the teachers and ordained sangha that keep the Dharma alive and accessible for us all.

A spiritual practice rather than a transactional exchange, offering dana advances the spiritual flourishing of the benefactor as it supports the activities of the beneficiary.

The positive intentions motivating the offering forge meaningful connections knitting the community as a whole together with the positivity and inexhaustible force of merit.

Should you be unable to offer the comparable value of this session, please contact us to make alternative arrangements suitable to your circumstances.

May there be abundant benefit, always and in all ways, for all that lives!

NOTE: If no available sessions suit you, please book the best available slot and request rescheduling by responding to your confirmation email with a few day/time alternatives.


comparable value 

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Only one session may be booked at a time. Please return to this page to schedule additional sessions.

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