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Instruction Sessions

Prajna Fire's first ever Integrative Practice Program!

Instruction Sessions

Together, we will be exploring the tradition of listening, contemplating, and meditating in context, and discovering how it flows with the energy currents of life in modern Western culture.

Along the way, you will be helping me refine instruction materials for other students to learn how to employ integrative practice in their own lives. Participation in the program thus includes consent to use of your comments, feedback, and lessons from practice. Nobody will be identified in any way, nor will confidential exchanges be shared.

I'm thrilled to welcome you on the fascinating journey opening before us. Thanks so much for joining me.

I am at a loss for words to express how honored I feel.

All blessings,

The kindness of supporters who offer dana makes it possible for us to make our Dharma work available on a donation-optional basis. In response to their requests, the comparable value of this program is listed as a benchmark for making an offering, rather than suggesting a donation amount or range.

Offering codes (see below) give you the choice to offer dana as suitable for your circumstances. Use any code as often as you wish.

To offer dana through alternative portals, use the code OTHER to checkout, and visit our Donations page for additional options.

We hope this approach provides freedom as well as helpful information for all our supporters.

May there be abundant benefit always, in all ways, for all that lives!

I have no idea why the details section includes "Thursdays" below, when there is only one Thursday meeting, on September 17. Oh well. The "Full Schedule" link has the accurate program dates and times.

Comparable value information includes all components of the program--instruction sessions, private sessions, and supplementary materials. Purchase of recommended books and other study or practice items are left to the discretion of each participant.

comparable value 

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Only one session may be booked at a time. Please return to this page to schedule additional sessions.

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