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Urgent Appointment | Online

In times of emergency: illness, death of loved ones, or other crisis

Urgent Appointment  |  Online

Moments of crisis come for us all, and in those times, spiritual practice shines, displaying brightly the immense stores of goodness it unearths from within us.

All spiritual traditions also have practices of especial value in dark times, be they prayer or good works, rituals or contemplation. Tibetan Buddhism offers a plethora of helpful practices, arising right out of its core disciplines for formal meditation and courageous engagement with everyday life.

When adversity strikes, and you need a support, perspective, and guidance, with little advance notice feel free to request a private session here.

This portal allows you to book a session, which serves as a request for an appointment. Should you prefer a day and time not available in the calendar, especially in the next few days, simply choose an available date, and include a few alternative dates and times, in the "Personal Notes" section during checkout. Also, it is helpful to say a little about your emergency.

One of us will make ourselves available to meet with you via Zoom online video conference on one of your dates, if at all feasible. If not, we will contact you to offer other dates in your preferred time frame. We reschedule your booking to reflect the agreed time.


Dana is an offering of generosity by the community to the teachers and ordained sangha that keep the Dharma alive and accessible for us all.

A spiritual practice rather than a transactional exchange, offering dana advances the spiritual flourishing of the benefactor as it supports the activities of the beneficiary.

The positive intentions motivating the offering forge meaningful connections knitting the community as a whole together with the positivity and inexhaustible force of merit.

Should you be unable to offer the comparable value of this session, please contact us to make alternative arrangements suitable to your circumstances.

May there be abundant benefit, always and in all ways, for all that lives!


comparable value 

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Only one session may be booked at a time. Please return to this page to schedule additional sessions.

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