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Four Thoughts Contemplation

Four Thoughts Contemplation


Tibetan Buddhist tradition prizes the contemplation of Four Thoughts that Reorient Mind to Dharma.

Not often the most favorite practice among Westerners, it nevertheless rewards exploration.

Approached in the context of the integrative Dharma practice consisting of listening, contemplating, and meditating, we encounter these vast topics in experiential inquiry, a deeply personal inner dialogue between our own beliefs, experience, and life on one hand, and the Buddha and lineage masters on the other.

Lama Zopa @karmazopajigme guides a beautiful practice of Four Thoughts Contemplation in a less usual sequence, beginning with impermanence in the form of our own mortality.


For Lama Yeshe's discussion of the Four Thoughts Reorienting Mind to Dharma, listen to episode 22 of our @prajnasparks podcast, available for streaming on our website or your favorite podcast player.


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May all beings benefit!

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