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Sacred Creativity
Sacred Creativity

Sacred Creativity

THE ART OF SPIRITUAL CONTINUITY Six week series using guided meditation and experiential inquiry, as well as readings, contemplative arts, journaling, and dialogue to foster an inner environment of spiritual discovery. Online and open to all. FREE | DONATION | BENEFACTOR

Schedule & Location

Fridays May 7 to June 11 at 12PM USA MDT

Zoom Online


Fridays, May 7 to June 11, 2021

12:00 to 1:15 PM USA Mountain Time


Audio recordings uploaded after each session for registrants unable to attend live.

There is nothing like continuity when it comes to, well, anything, but spiritual practice in particular.

Buddhist practice includes formal meditation sessions as well as the between times (also known as life), where Dharma invites us to shape inward spaces that stand, or lean, or melt into the resilient juiciness built from consistency on the cushion, as the case may be.

Our modern quandary, of course, is: how to engage and sustain such a thing amidst family, work, health, and just plain keeping it all together.

One of the best supports we know of is what we call Sacred Creativity, the intentional crafting of a contemplative mindset to seed a lifestyle that nourishes harmonious conditions for turning the mind towards a living practice organically, with joy and vigor.

Sounds good, huh? Any clue how to do that?

Yeah, we didn't either, at first. Luckily, four decades of Tibetan Buddhist study and practice between us, in Asia, cloister, and at home, has given us some clues.

Join us for SACRED Creativity: Crafting Spiritual Continuity, a six week series of meditation, experiential inquiry, and dialogue into ourselves, our lifestyles and social spaces, our joys and sorrows. Traditional Tibetan Buddhist practices ground a variety of inner explorations suitable to everyone, regardless of spiritual inclinations or practice.

Each 75-minute session includes guided meditation alongside contemplative engagement of topics relevant to personal healing and spiritual development through creative activities such as readings, contemplative arts, journaling, and dialogue in small and large groups. Instruction on how to carry the practices forward help extend our time together into your week.

In our experience, a living contemplative practice such as this, harnessing the creative tension amidst immanence and transcendence, helps align us with our deepest intentions for ourselves and others. This is grace, quickened from deep within, motivating us spontaneously to enact our aspirations beyond platitudes, on the cushion and out of the stuff of our daily lives.

Come and see . . .

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