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Heal Transform Transcend - PDF format

Heal Transform Transcend - PDF format


The practice of healing dualistic mind (lo jong in Tibetan) is one of encountering all we experience from the perspective of what we can learn about ourselves, others, and our assumptions about reality, thus cultivating, both on and off the meditation cushion, an increasingly profound understanding of the nature of things.

This everyday English rendition of the pithy sayings comprising the beloved text, Seven Points for Healing Dualistic Mind by Kadampa Geshe Chekewa Yeshe Dorje, is accessible to anyone with a dualistic mind they wish to heal. Buddhist or not. Spiritual or not.

Fifty-nine maxims provide guidance for the practice in formal meditation and in the midst of daily activities. Brief notes illumine the sayings and provide food for thought, serving as a companion to the PRAJNA SPARKS podcast episodes on the practice hosted by the translator.

Explore how this simple yet wise text can help to heal, transform, and transcend dualistic mind and the adverse impact it has on our experience.

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