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Group Meditation Instruction

Open to everyone, Buddhist or not.


Yeshe and Zopa offered guided meditation practice to help you begin, ground, deepen, or enliven your practice of shamatha (tranquility), vipashyana (insight), boundless love (and beyond), and more. Organize a group of friends and family to learn meditation together! ___________________ DANA OFFERING The kindness of supporters who offer dana makes it possible for us to make our Dharma work available on a donation-optional basis. In response to their requests, the comparable value of each program we make available is provided as a benchmark for making an offering decision. Rather than stating a suggested donation amount or range ourselves, we leave the choice to offer dana as suitable for your circumstances in your hands. If you are able to offer the comparable value and beyond, you have our enduring gratitude. All offered funds support our Dharma work and keep our offerings accessible, despite the wealth inequities built into modern society. Otherwise, offering codes (see chart below) give you the choice to offer dana as suited to your individual circumstances. To offer dana through alternative portals, use the code OTHER to checkout, then visit our Donations page for other options. Use any code as often as you wish. We are glad to offer our programs as a reciprocal practice of generosity, and hope this approach provides both freedom and helpful information for all our supporters. May there be abundant benefit, always and in all ways, for all that lives! NOTE: If no available sessions suit you, please book the best available slot and request rescheduling by responding to your confirmation email with a few day/time alternatives.

Upcoming Availability

  • 50 US dollars
  • Video Conference

Accountability & Respect

Private teaching is a two-way relationship held in the wholesome boundaries of accountability, respect, and communication. We are unable to refund cancelled appointments. Cancellations more than 24 hours before the appointment can be rescheduled freely; otherwise a new dana offering applies. Not showing up for two appointments without advance notice is grounds for refusing additional appointments. Email us any time with concerns about your booking. Together, we can find a way to work with any issues that come up.

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